You have a friend request from your Grandma!

elderly and the internet

Did you ever imagine that your grandparents will be using the Internet as much as you do? Although it’s not breaking the news that the elderly have attained a skill to use the computers and the Internet, it’s still hard to believe it’s happening.

But, how does an older person interact with the Internet and how does it affect them?

Can you learn a new skill when you’re old?

It’s a no brainer that with aging our abilities change in the direction we never imagined it would. We lose the smoothness in learning the new stuff, and it affects our overall performance. Our sensory and motor functions changes with time, especially hearing, vision, and motor skills. This directly affects the speed in learning to use the computer or the Internet.seniors and the computers

A gradual change in vision leads to the fact that seniors often can’t get used to the web design or its features. The changes in color, interfaces, fonts or navigation, layout style, etc. can do the work in case of a senior using the Internet. On the other hand, if a website uses sound excerpts, they should be adjusted to them. Since older adults usually have more sensitive hearing than the rest of us, it’s important to make a website that’s not too noisy.  Find out more about sending your grandparents computer cards here.

seniors and the internetFinally, the cognitive skills are also playing the major role in learning the older adults to use the Internet or a computer. In most cases, elderly are struggling with working memory impairments, which means that they often forget and are not able to grasp a new skill fast. It’s like you’re teaching a person with a learning disability. They need time to get even the most obvious stuff, but that’s not to say they’re slow. It’s just their brain doesn’t work as fast as it used to.

What happens when they finally get it?

Once a senior gets on the computers and the Internet, they are going to use it as if they knew it their whole life. If they overcame the anxiety of using the computer, your grandma or grandpa would be able to communicate with you on almost every social media platform there is. Don’t be surprised if you find a friend request from them in your mailbox!