How to teach a kid to code?

Kids are fast learners, and one of the things they are interested in is coding. To the adults, it may seem like too complicated to understand, but the truth is with the right books and a good teacher, a kid can learn to code in no time.

coding for kids

Here are some tips on how to teach a kid to code.

#1 Find a good resource

There are a lot of free tools and resources that can help your kid to learn to code. Starting with Google’s Made with Code or MIT Media Lab’s Scratch team is a nice way to give them the basis of this seemingly complex activity. Without the good book or an app, your kid might not learn all there is about coding, which will give him a shaky start for the future. Also, consider games for learning the coding because they’re fun and interactive.

#2 Show them, don’t just talk

If you’re teaching a smaller group of kids, it’s recommended that all have their computers to work. It’s necessary because programming is a hands-on thing and like playing the musical instrument, you can’t do it without that.

#3 Don’t get too much into the science

The history of computers or scientific methods used in computer science may be great topics for you, but kids aren’t going to enjoy it as much. The key to successful learning the coding is to give them practical knowledge and save the science for later. It’s important to keep the kid interested in it, rather than sharing all there is about computers. If they want to, you should show them some additional books or resources on the computer science. But, if not, keep it plain and easy.

#4 Let them do the work

It’s crucial to let the kid do the job on the computer. Since coding is a skill that needs to be done on the spot, you need to let them do the work. Suppress the urge to jump into the keyboard or mouse and do the job for them. Encourage them to get familiar with the computer, even when they’re clicking on the wrong stuff.

How can you transfer images from a Sports Camera to a Computer?

Buying a Sports Camera is not a dream anymore. Yes, you’ve read it exactly right that now you can buy your own sports camera to grow your photography passion. There was a time when Sports cameras were limited to the celebrities and the richest personalities of the world.


But now with the advancement of technology, trends are changing tremendously. We experience a great change in the technology every day. However, if you are a photographer and want to grow your passion for capturing photos with a high-quality camera then the wait is over because now you can buy your own sports camera from different sites and stores.



And the best part is that these cameras are available at very affordable rates. There is a wide variety of sports cameras available these days with varying costs. So, now you can purchase your dream cameras at pocket-friendly rates.

If you want to check reviews about the Sports Cameras GoProBro is the place where you can go and check the reviews about different Cameras. Without wasting the time let’s move to the topic that is concerned here.

The situation is that you’ve purchased a sports camera and have captured some awesome clicks with it and now you want to share these pictures with your friends and family at different social media platforms or you want to free some space on your camera to capture some more amazing clicks so how can you do that?



Well, you can’t share images with your friends on social media platforms with a sports camera. So, you would be thinking of transferring the images to your computer. That’s a good idea because you’ll also get a chance to edit and retouch those photos on your computer before sharing them with your friends.

So, let’s take a look on how can you transfer images from a sports camera to a computer!

Use a USB cable

Most of the cameras come with a USB cable that you can use to transfer images from camera to the computer. But we do not recommend to use this feature if you’re not aware of the problems that you can face with this feature.

Sometimes the camera start appearing as a disk drive which might be irritating for you, so you should only try this feature if there is no other option available.

Insert your memory card into the PC

Using the memory card in your camera to store images is the best way because you can transfer images with the help of card without any hassle and you can even extend the size of the camera.

It’s easier to transfer the images from the memory card to the computer. All you need to have to perform this procedure is the card reader that can help you copy those files from your memory card so that you may transfer them to your computer and share them with your friends or edit them to look beautiful.