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I’m fascinated with the way computers work. Since I was a kid, I kept imagining myself in a lab, working on the latest computer software or a piece of technology that will revolutionize the world. Although I didn’t get there (yet), I’m still interested in the way computers to change our daily lives.

The growing power of the technology has given us the opportunity to get to the most distant places in a matter of a click. You don’t have to lose contact with the people you love. You don’t need to wait for something to be done. You can even shop online – which is still a groundbreaking point for most people!

On this website, you’ll find the top information about the computer world. I will get into some fresh stuff for those of you who would like to learn more about this amazing machines. The topics covered will include more techy stuff (the latest programs, codes, software, hardware, etc.), but also information about the general impact of the technology on our activities. In case you’re struggling with particular problems, you’ll also find some great tips and advice to overcome them.

Have fun and don’t forget – don’t let the computers compfuse you!